How this webapp works:

Open Data

There's a server side script that pulls the open data collection from the ZAMG website every 5 minutes and writes it into a database. This is because ZAMG provides only current data, that changes every hours. I want to provide also historical data for statistic use. The data collection started on 2014-07-26 at 8:00.

Currently this service is monitoring 21 stations. In detail: Aigen im Ennstal, Bad Gleichenberg, Bregenz, Eisenstadt, Feuerkogel, Graz/Flughafen, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt/Flughafen, Kremsmünster, Kufstein, Lienz, Linz/Hörsching, Mariazell, Patscherkofel, Retz, Salzburg, Sonnblick, St. Pölten, Villacher Alpe, Wien/Hohe Warte and Wien/Schwechat.

Ground Water Level Königstetten

Due to the lack of data availability, I've scraped the data from the "Grundwasserpegel Königstetten" detail site of The data was imported into a seperate database. New data gets read from this site every hour and is also stored for free usage.

Embed in your own website:

I've made a widget to embed the data on your own website:


        <div style="  width: 200px;
            text-align: center;
            margin-left: auto;
            margin-right: auto;">
                <iframe src="" width="200" height="220" scrolling="no" frameborder="0">


To control the apperance of the widget there are serveral parameters:
small=[pixel] controls the width of the widget within the iframe. Default value = 200px
date=[YYY-MM-DD] controls end date of the data displayed. Default is current date.
d=[Number] controls the count of days that are displayed. The base of the value is 0. So for 2 days the value has to be 1. Default is all available data
theme=[default|dark|gray|sand] controls the width of the widget within the iframe. Default value = default


Theme: default

Theme: dark

Theme: grey

Theme: sand

API - Application Programming Interface

There is also an API to provide again machine readable data through this service.

Example: returns the following result data: Temperature Data for station 11036 (Wien/Schwechat) for 2014-08-01, 2 days in the past.

'11036';'Wien/Schwechat';'183';'2014-08-13';'00:00';'16.0';'°C';'2014-08-13 00:15:02'
'11036';'Wien/Schwechat';'183';'2014-08-13';'01:00';'15.9';'°C';'2014-08-13 01:15:04'
'11036';'Wien/Schwechat';'183';'2014-08-13';'02:00';'15.9';'°C';'2014-08-13 02:15:02'
'11036';'Wien/Schwechat';'183';'2014-08-13';'03:00';'15.7';'°C';'2014-08-13 03:15:02'
'11036';'Wien/Schwechat';'183';'2014-08-13';'04:00';'15.1';'°C';'2014-08-13 04:15:02'

Please see more information in the API documentation.

Please support this project

to fund the servers running my code and hosting the data.